Sunday, May 2, 2010
For the first time since I can remember I’ve hidden a few blog entries tonight. Sometimes, I wish there was a ‘block’ on these things so I could block certain people from reading certain thoughts of mine.

For a little bit tonight, I let my anger and disgust take over. It reminded me a lot of the me who started blogging, so very long ago… There’s so little left of her it’s like a long lost, almost forgotten part of me coming around again, for an uninvited visit.

I’m allowed to think my evil thoughts about evil people and their evil actions. I’m even allowed to write them down. But I know she reads my blog. And I don’t need to spread such hate. That simply makes me just as evil. No good can come of it and she hates herself enough already – with good reason.

I write for me. And I’ll continue to do so. I think I’ll just have to make better use of private entries in the future… Let her learn her lessons on her own. And I’ll continue to learn mine.

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This is my personal weblog. The thoughts and opinions represented here are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect those of my employers, associates or peers.

I am forever changing and always staying this same; a true living contradiction and as such, my thoughts and opinions change frequently. I may or may not still hold the same opinions noted in out-of-date posts.

By reading my blog, you agree to accept these realities as absolute truth.


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No matter where I am, I'm lost and learning to like it. I'm a living contradiction, and the best lies I tell are the ones I tell myself.
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