Saturday, May 22, 2010

It’s funny the way the sexes and sexuality works. I have no issues with gay men nor women, in fact, I’m certain I was on the verge of becoming a lesbian prior to Lars. I’ve experimented with women in the past and found I was not able to climax. I was not a lesbian. But reality remains, enough bad in one sex, who knows what the other might eventually accomplish…? I was certainly finding the idea of becoming romantically involved with a woman, far more appealing than the idea of actually being with a male. Perhaps this is one more way that Lars is a miracle in my life... He’s a perfect contradiction to where I thought my life was headed.

Anyway, we’ve been throwing around the idea of going to Sin City for a while now. Today, it happened to come up on my Facebook page, with mentions of the James Bondage night I attended a few months back. When I reminded him I’d kissed a girl there and asked him if he wasn’t afraid it’d happen again, his reaction was, “Don’t let me stop that… so long as you don’t go home with her.”

Funny, I think I’d be disgusted and pissed if I caught him kissing boys. Funnier still, I know his reaction would be the complete opposite. He’d enjoy watching, even taking part in that sort of thing. I’ve never met a guy who wouldn’t. Why is that so? What makes men and women so different when it comes to these sorts of things? Why is it so much more globally acceptable, even pleasurable for two women to be with each other, and not so much the same for two men?

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