Sunday, May 2, 2010
1. My bed is warmer with you in it. This saves money on heating bills and my back from sleeping on the couch.
2. You froze the chilli in containers made for two or more. Now when I thaw one to eat it, I end up wasting most of it, because I cannot eat the whole thing. Waste is bad.
3. I cannot drink an entire bottle of vitamin water without you. My fridge is going to be cluttered with half-full bottles. That will drive me insane; you don’t want a crazy girl - we bite.
4. The second towel rack in my bathroom has nothing on it… It just looks bare, unbalanced. The Feng Shui Gods will punish us. Can't have that.
5. I can’t reach the stuff in the cupboard on top of the fridge and though I can’t remember what’s in it, I’m certain I need that stuff right now. NOW!
6. Your Pjs are clean and folded with mine. Seeing them paired up, with other jammies without legs in them makes me sad AND jealous. They are not living to their full potential, but at least they have each other!
7. Snowpus hasn’t had anything black to make white in a while. She’s getting fidgety.
8. My superiority stamp looks like crap when it’s not next to yours. They were made to be together.
9. I can’t reach the arch of my back to wash it properly. That stupid brush doesn’t clean as good as your hands do. I'm dirty without you.
10. I miss you – ‘nuff said.
11. When you’re here, I don’t have time to think enough to write stupid lists. Time is money and less time wasted somehow means more money! Everyone likes more money!
12. It hurts when you’re far – both me and you. Hurting is bad.
13. The door upstairs is squeaky – I can’t reach to put WD40 in it.
14. I miss you. It’s my list, I can say it twice if I want to.
15. I love you. Heart, Mind, and Soul. And the world just doesn’t feel ‘right’ without you. You should come fix my wrongs.

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