Tuesday, May 11, 2010
They say that every man grows up to marry his own mother. It’s no surprise then, that both his mama and I were once obsessed with ALF. For me in fact, it was a little more than an obsession. I remember my mom shooing everyone away from the TV every evening at 7:30pm, because it was my time to watch my program. I remember my ALF doll, that’s long since been lost… And now, those fond memories are strongly tied with her in her death. Last week while we were in Vancouver, his mother, Jacquie gave me her ALF doll – one that Lars had given her more than 20 years ago. At the time she gifted it to me, she had no idea how precious such a gift could possibly be to me. She said she just felt like it was time for her to pass it on, and she felt that I was the right person to give it to. It almost brought me to tears – as I’m sure you can see in the photos in that previous entry. If ever it was meant to be…

Also not surprising then, is the fact that she’s a bookkeeper. And sitting on my desk is the bookkeeping course I’ve yet to complete – and perhaps never will, but that’s beside the point. If ever it was meant to be…

Last week while we were in Vancouver waiting for the waitress to bring our dinner, I opened one of my favourite books, by one of my favourite authors and read a passage to him. Last night while I worked, he spoke to his mother on the phone and mentioned the book to her. She has the same book. When I got off work, I’d found she’d left me the very same quote on my Facebook wall. My baby then found, this:

If ever it was meant to be…

I feel as if I am complete. Everything in my life is finally falling into place… exactly where it should be. And I even got some amazing news this morning regarding my mother’s estate. It seems the most precious item my mother willed to me, is as safe as it possibly could be for the time being… Just like it was meant to be.

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