Wednesday, May 5, 2010
As technology helps the world gets smaller and cultures start to mush together, why isn’t there more cultural give and take taking place? The wrongs with the west are what killed my mother. The wrongs with the west are what have broken so many families, so many people here emotionally and psychologically. And even as our world shrinks and more effective ways of living life are being seen, the wrongs with the west are wrongs the west is blind to. The rights when seen, are even mocked and ridiculed.

I believe in so much that this Canadian culture will never grasp. I hold values so close to my heart that I cannot wavier for even the strongest influence. And yet when I go back to my desert home, the same holds true there.

Will I ever find a place where I belong? Or am I eternally lost?

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No matter where I am, I'm lost and learning to like it. I'm a living contradiction, and the best lies I tell are the ones I tell myself.
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