Sunday, May 2, 2010
In one of the blog entries I’ve since made private, I mentioned hating feminists. I don’t really hate feminists and I certainly believe in equal rights between men and women. I hate today’s feminist women, who believe in de-pantsing today’s men and turning them into the weaker, meaker sex. Do you know how hard it is to actually find a real man these days because of it? I’ve been blessed to finally find mine…

I hate the feminists that believe being a stay-at-home-mom, who takes care of the children and the household while her husband works to support them financially, is a lesser woman. Don’t get my wrong; this doesn’t include women who can’t really afford, emotionally nor financially, to stay at home. A real woman takes care of what she can when she can and she doesn't expect someone else to do it offering nothing in return. It doesn’t include single welfare mom’s who just keep popping babies expecting my tax dollars to pay their way through life, spending any extra cash they get on frivolous things like booze, toys or tattoos, while their babies don’t even have milk or diapers... Those women are just, well… trash.

I hate the movement that made it impossible for most households to survive on a single income, and forced most homes with children to become double income. I’m an intelligent woman, who can certainly take care of herself. I have a great career. But if I want to dedicate my time to raising my babies, and taking care of my man by making sure he’s fed as best as I possibly can, and that his clothing are just a little cleaner, tidier than his buddies at work, and that he is sexually satisfied, having a woman at home who is more than happy spending an entire day preparing herself to become his sex-kitten at night, rather than slaving away for the dollar while my kids minds rot in daycare and my man wears clothing straight from the dryer, and we all eat food from a box or can, and our sex lives are almost nonexistent because we’re so fucking exhausted from work, then it should be my God-given right and I should be able to do just that. And perhaps most-importantly of all I should be respected for that choice…

But today’s feminists… Many of them anyway, as far as I’m concerned, made that simply impossible. And those are the feminists I hate; the feminists who took away my right to be a woman.

I lied. I don't hate true feminists. Not the ones who are fighting for equal rights. I hate the bitches who sincerely think women should rule the earth and double standards should be applied in favor of women and their sentiments. If a man can smack a man's ass at the office and nothing's said about it... the same man should be able to smack a woman's ass and she shouldn't allow her emotions to get in the way of that, calling it sexual harassment while expecting equal treatment!

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