Saturday, June 12, 2010
But Jod’s finally got around to sending me the pics. And umm yes.. There were Bra Pics, though I won’t be posting any of those here…

You’ll just have to live with these non-bra photos…

The girls… Cause some of us really do just kick ass!
My baby and me... (And even Kell in the background)
And Jod’s and me… As she says, “So awesome, even the camera can’t stay still!”

It was an awesome, yet short trip. Looks like I’ll be heading back in just a few days again now… I love this time of year.

For now… I`m going to go bath the cat, then cuddle up with my man and my cat, and we’ll watch movies till we sleep. We have early morning Flee Market plans with my father – since Sundays are our only day off together in the week.

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