Monday, June 28, 2010
Home should be a place where you’re comfortable, at peace, and able to relax. Let the world outside rush by, and worry about the busses being late, the weather being bad, and the stock markets crashing. Let the world outside deal with parking fees, the politicians, and the government’s mistakes. At home, you should be able to think of nothing but that which pleases you.

I’ve been home for 2 days now. Absolutely exhausted from this entire month, I’ve spent much of my time back sleeping. When I’m not sleeping, I find myself unhappy, uncomfortable, and even miserable. I cannot believe a huge piece of me is wishing I’d stayed in Squamish.

Maybe I’ve made a mistake? Maybe my heart has deceived me again? Or maybe, it’s just in the stars for this time and place? Maybe that anxiety I felt before I left had more to do with an emotional death than a physical one? Either way, the flags are up and I’m not going to have this, a permanent environment. That which is making me uncomfortable needs to be removed, or changed immediately.

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