Monday, June 14, 2010
So I’ve spent a few days fiddling with my blog and the widgets, trying to reward my fellow bloggers who choose to share their thoughts by adding CommentLuv to the posts, and if I’ve learned one thing between this and the awkward (to downright-out dysfunctional) management of uploads/downloads, Google Chrome is an inferior browser (even to IE – eek!) in every way excepting speed and interface – and that of course is a matter of opinion. Over the past few months I’ve grown rather fond of Chrome’s interface, but I’m afraid I’ll have to revert back to my trusty old Mozilla, because Chrome has managed to piss me off just that much. Dual monitors make it a bit easier for me to manage two different browsers, switching between the two as needed, and I was finally able to install CommentLuv properly, but I am not spending my time online fucking with that shit indefinitely! I do believe I am officially done with Chrome!

Now… Because I’ve been fucking with my blog settings, and depending on your browser or the time that you’re browsing/commenting, you may or may not have seen the changes, perhaps even thought your comments were deleted or unnoticed by me… I’ll point out that as always, I do in fact get emailed copies of every comment on my blog and have had the chance to read those I choose to, and reply to those I deem worthy of comment… If I haven’t commented by now, you don’t need to keep checking. I probably don’t intend to say anything back to you. I tend not to get into pissing battles with people talking (or thinking even, as some of my commenter’s are very delusional in a narcissistic way) out of their ass, as I’d rather not play in their shit.

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I am forever changing and always staying this same; a true living contradiction and as such, my thoughts and opinions change frequently. I may or may not still hold the same opinions noted in out-of-date posts.

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