Saturday, May 28, 2011

I’m so very excited.  I built from scratch.  Aside from the blog, which isn’t up and running yet, it’s fully functional.  Next, I’ll build the office website, then one for Lars’ sister, and perhaps even one for Lars and his freelancing.

I’ve been thinking about doing a memorial site for my mom; decorate it in all the things she liked (cats and bright pinky-type colors), do a memorial album of all her photos, maybe a guest book, or comment box where people can leave memories, thoughts or tributes, perhaps even link the few sites she frequented online (yahoo crib & hotmail, mainly)!

I’ve been thinking of her a lot lately.  I know she’d be proud of how much I’m learning and how much I simply don’t suck at it.  My mom was always good for taking pride in the things I do.  She’s the reason I am what I am today.  I’ll forever love her for that.


Anyway, I’m proud to announce that Poison hasn’t been back here since she read that last entry of mine.  It makes me more comfortable in saying what I want in my blog – not having to think about her peering in, consistently wishing, hoping, willing for the worst for Lars and I.

And we are doing really well these days.  We’re both healing still over our last ordeal, things are falling back into place they way they should.  Being busy seems to work all right for us too: each always looking out for the other’s needs.

So there’s not much else to report really…

Life is good.  Busy, but good.

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