Thursday, June 16, 2011

I left the house in a summer tank-top this morning.  It was the moment I walked into my local supermarket and saw a Boston Bruins fan wearing his jersey, I regretted not wearing the #1 Luongo Canuck jersey Lars brought home for me last week.

We lost the game last night, but today of all days the Canucks and Vancouver needed their much, much deserved love and respect.  The Canucks took us for an amazing ride this year - the People of Vancouver showed true perseverance and overwhelming humility in quickly responding to restore their home this morning.

Last night’s events brought me to tears.  Lars and I sat together glued to the computer, watching the live streams of chaos, violence the utter breakdown of humanity as it unfolded.  I am ashamed.  I am utterly embarrassed.  I’m devastated and angry.  I’m sorry. 

On behalf of our society's worst I apologize. I apologize to those hurt, those who lost in the events of last evening. I apologize to the real people of Vancouver who took it upon themselves to fix what was broken today, and who still work to help repair things that require more work, more money. I apologize to those who feel as distraught over this as I do.  

And finally, I apologize to the Canucks and the Bruins, for this embarrassing charade that's taken the spotlight away from a much deserved Stanley win by the Bruins, and well earned celebration for the Canucks for getting us as far as they did.

I am a Canuck – and Canucks respect their city, their fellow man, their friendly competitors and allies down south and most of all, Canucks respect themselves.

Canucks do not take part in scenes like this:


If it weren’t for the overwhelming good I’ve see in the aftermath of this event, the outrage of true fans of our hockey team, our community, our city; if it weren’t for the overwhelming efforts that went into cleaning up a mess one had no hand in making and communal efforts to bring all those who took part in these horrific acts to justice, I just  might have lost my faith in humanity.

Vancouver, you restored my faith, you made me proud to be a Canuck today, when last night I was given no choice but to hang my head in shame.   

Thank you.

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