Friday, May 13, 2011

I read yesterday morning that the Official Scrabble Dictionary has published a new addition that includes words like ‘grrl’, ‘thang’ and ‘innit’ (short for ‘isn’t it’).  These are in addition to common Hindi words for food, and names of street drugs.  My prediction is that it won’t be long for Oxford and Miriam Webster to follow suite and add such common slang to their official books.

We are witnessing the evolution, a crucial turning point in the English language.  Those of us who truly love the language as we know it, mock those who try to shorten if with abbreviations like, “U’ or even “H8”, and those who badger it in every day use with slang like “grrl” or “thang”.  We forget that Shakespearean speakers once ridiculed our own current beloved vocabulary, as we ridicule this evolution today.

Perhaps there’s a lesson in accepting change in here somewhere?  It’s a thought to ponder.  But for now, and until I find it, I’m still going to consider shortening the word ‘you’ with ‘u’ as lazy and uneducated.  I’m stubborn that way.

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