Friday, May 20, 2011
Our instructor tells us that when you know things like ‘URL’ is an abbreviation for Uniform (or Universal) Resource Locator or the ‘http’ in a web URL is an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer (or Transport) Protocol and you understand what people are talking about when they’re talking of text sized ‘em’ and other random things like what XAMPP is, it’s official, you are a geek.

And… I’ll wear that title with pride.  In fact, I probably should have worn is long before he defined it so blatantly for us all.  In addition (and perhaps to emphasize it a little), I’ll brag a little about some recent extreme pleasures I’ve found and purchased:

I’m giddy about a new gadget I recently aquired, ecstatic about my CS5.5 Design Premium Software which arrived in the mail yesterday.  I am absolutely, freaking thrilled that I am gaining the knowledge I need to put these things to good use from my course.

Now, with all these things to play with, it’s no surprise I haven’t had a lot of time to explain much here.  I imagine that last entry of mine is rather confusing to most of you – not so much to Lars’ ex, whom it was directed at.  You see, like every geek, I like to know what’s happening with my webpages.  And like every geek should, I have a number of trackers on my blog that allow me the information of knowing who is looking at my blog how long you spend here and how often.  I’m sure that’s shocking to some of you.

Here’s an example of how easy it is

I go to my tracker and take this little number from your visit (I’ve blackened it out in this screen shot as to preserve some privacy):


With that little number, I’m able to pull up other very useful information like your exact Latitude and Longitude:


And within a matter of moment or two, I’m able to pull up an approximate location, satellite photos and all:


If I had a little more time and bothered to play I could probably narrow this down and confirm the exact location of the persons viewing my blog in less than an hour.  I don’t have that time right now, as I need to run off to school… But trust me when I say this is fully possible and with that information it’s not hard to find out the exact person (with the help of social networking sites and online directories). By the way, if you weren’t aware the internet was this transparent, please take it as a lesson and know you are never anonymous here!

Most of the time this information is innocent enough when in the right hands. It allows me the chance to brace for things (for example the ability to warn my father when I know he’s about to hear something from someone else he should probably hear from me first).  It allows me to know with certainty Lars ex spends more time in my blog than I do.  That first image above is a shot of her recent visits.  It looks a lot like an obsession to me.  It also allowed me the ability to see she kept coming back hoping for more comment on her comment, but failed to see Lars responses – so I directed her there. That's it, confusion all made clear and all is transparent at silltainted, again!

Now that I’ve cleared all that up, I really must run to school. Learning is important.  This is just one of the many  reasons why!

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