Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tonight, sometime between 11:50 and midnight, will mark exactly 1 year since I first lay eyes on Lars.  Overall, it’s been a great year of us getting to know one another at our best and worst.  We’ve had some huge fights (he’s far more dramatic than I am) and we’ve had some explicit moments of absolutely blissful love (he’s far more romantic, even mushy than I am). 

We balance each other out well, it turns out.

Upon finding Lars, I found his family – very much a part of my own family today.  He is blessed to have some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in his immediate family.  I am blessed to now know them – for not only who they are but also the lessons they help me learn.

Today is a day where you can feel the energy in the air. 

Yesterday marked the start of Autism Awareness month, and I watch as many of my loved ones band together to increase awareness, work for a single great cause.  Sometimes, it saddens me a little that we all don’t more often band together for equally important matters, simply because they don’t effect us directly or we’re not aware of them!  But we do what we can with what we have and hope it makes a difference.  And for that, I am very proud.

Today, is also the first full day a very dear family member sits in a new hospital, patiently awaiting a spot for a major surgery to take place.  Though no definitive time has been set, the surgery must take place quickly, as infection is spreading at rapid speeds.  We hope and pray it takes place today and that he recovers quickly.

Today also marks the first full day I am officially a college student again.  Yesterday, I completed the loan process, paid for and enrolled in this course: Web Development & Internet Marketing.  Along with that came $7,501 new debt, with an additional 2 – 3 thousand dollars interest, I’m certain will be worth it in the end.  And Lars loves the idea of having his very own schoolgirl – even though there will be no plaid skirts here!

Today is a day you can feel the energy in the air.  My brother is coming around for dinner.  He’s been having a tough go at it recently. Hopefully, we’ll be able to pass some of the positive good energy on to him, and let him leave feeling a little lighter than he arrives.   

Today is bound to be a good day.  Even the sun is peeking through the clouds as I type.  Couldn't choose a better day to start year 2.

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