Saturday, July 10, 2010
1. We can fight and make friends and still manage to feel as close if not closer than we did before we fought.
2. You always remember to put the toilet seat down.
3. You cook and clean and help with all that domestic stuff, and that in turn makes everyone’s life easier.
4. I sleep better when you’re there to cuddle with.
5. We share similar dreams of building a future and living life for now.
6. You love to spoil me and want to learn to do it in a way I most understand.
7. You let me spoil you and understand that my way of spoiling may be different than yours.
8. You rub my shoulders when they ache.
9. You can fix almost anything I manage to break.
10. You love me for me, even when I’m rotten.
11. You want to grow with me as much as I want to grow with you and accept that growing pains can hurt.
12. I cannot imagine growing old without you.
13. You never let me feel unattractive.
14. You do your best to make sure I know I’m loved.
15. You make me feel safe.
16. You are quiet enough in the mornings that I don’t wake up before you go to work.
17. You leave secret love notes for me to find throughout the day.
18. You look deep into my eyes when you tell me you love me.
19. Even after three months, every kiss feels like the 1st one.
20. You almost never leave the room without kissing me goodbye.
21. You will cuddle with me any time of day or night, no matter how hot and/or sticky it is outside.
22. You try to show interest in the things I like, even if you’re not particularly interested.
23. Sometimes, you get completely intoxicated with me (and don’t laugh at me but with me).
24. You would give me the world if it were yours to give.
25. Your smile lights up my life.
26. You’re always looking for ways to make me smile.
27. Your family feels like my family.
28. I look prettiest when I’m beside you.
29. You get dirty with me.
30. I could write an endless list of little reasons, but for now, I’ll suffice it to say it’s because we were meant to be.

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