Thursday, July 1, 2010
This is the third Canada Day in a row that I’ve been back home. Three years. I don’t want to be anywhere else on earth.

Yesterday was a bit of a ride (in more ways than one). I asked my boss for a much-deserved raise. It’s not something I did with ease; as I sincerely feel she’s like a mother to me, and as such I dislike asking her for anything but rather trust that she will look out for my best interests on her own. I tend to forget that we work together in an office, and despite having such a wonderful friendship, when it comes to work our relationship, it is a professional one.

’Professional…’ I’m so glad I know the definition of that word, and spend a lot of my life acting it out…

I laughed a lot at an online war that took place on my blog. It’s been years since I’ve been drawn into such fun ‘n games. But it was on my blog, and my blog is where I can indulge in whatever whim I please at any given moment, I guess. I felt a lot of pity as well; pity for neglected children and a misguided delusional mother who should have been spayed like any stray dog years before conceiving. I felt pity for the fool of an obvious average intelligence level and an engrossed ego to match an impressive vocabulary, that’s been drawn into her toxic web. If only he saw through my eyes (or anyone else’s), he’d see the laughing stock she’s made of him and his empty threats (or ‘promises’ as he prefers we called them)…

This morning I decided to disable the comments on the post, as I believe Lars and I have wasted enough time on idiocy. And hell, since we already have the US Army after us, we should stop while we're still alive!

For now, I’ll ponder the ludicrous that she is, the spite that she holds on to, the insanity that she finds comfort in, the lies she tells, and the true love that we’ve gained from her loss.

Tonight, Lars and I will celebrate the birthday of this great nation. We’ve planned to pack a picnic and go down to the water, where we’ll listen to the live bands then finally watch the fireworks after the sun goes down.

In celebration of Canada, lets share a giggle:

I'm proud to be a Canadian
Pass me another beer
I'm proud to be a Canadian
Hold my seat while I take a piss

Our prime minister sucks dogshit through his nose
His ex-wife gets brown showers from Mick Jagger
The only reason we live in fucking igloos
Is our government makes a living licking shit holes

I'm proud to be a Canadian
Pass me another welfare check
I'm proud to be a Canadian
Hold my seat while I go out and cash it

I'm proud to be a Canadian
Pass me another Eskimo
I'm proud to be a Canadian
Hold my seat while I fuck her up the ass hole

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