Wednesday, July 7, 2010
I’m frustrated and annoyed with the world. Every little thing seems to bother me.

My UAE ATM card expired last month. I have spent the last 7 days trying to get them to courier me a new one. It’s meant more money on my phone bill than I have in their bank, and more frustration than the money is worth. I’d close the fucking account, only they’re the best in the UAE so I’ve been told (what a fucking joke), I’m not there to open an account with anyone else and I’ll need to deposit money there when I sell my apartment.

Though it seemed to be common procedure for them to courier cards to people, they have this stupid form they need filled out, that cannot be sent via email, but must be faxed – both to you and back to them once filled. Initially, they couldn’t seem to get the fax to me – it took three phone calls and countless minutes on hold. When I finally do get it, realize it’s asking very simple details, fill it out and try to send it back, I learn they’ve given me an incorrect fax number. So finally, I resort to emails via my online banking account. The response is absolutely absurd and so fucking common it’s expected when dealing with them.

To whom it may concern,

I have been trying to fax you all a 'Cardholder Request Form', your bank insists on having in order to send me a new ATM card as mine has expired, for the last 72 hours. The fax# you gave me 011-971-4-221-4839 does not work.

Are you not equipped to handle email? Can I email you scanned copies of the documentation? Or can I please just give you the information here, so that you can courier me my bankcard at my expense as agreed on the telephone (Service Request # XXXXXXXX).

Here is the information requested on your form:

Cardholder Name: XXXXXXX
Card Expiry Date: XXXXX
Branch: XXXXX

Residence tel: XXXXXXX

I need you to re-issue the card with a valid date, please and courier the same to me.

I have lived in Canada for the last 3 years and believe I have updated you guys on my current address in the past. It is very frustrating that I have to do this again now.

Please respond to this email as soon as possible.




Dear Customer,

Kindly note that cards are only delivered to addresses within the UAE. Should you wish to have your card delivered abroad please confirm the following:

Complete address abroad ( with a po box no/pin code/zipcode mandatory)-
Complete contact details abroad:
Complete contact details (mobile and landline- abroad):
Please note that the courier company cannot ship without a po box no/pin code/zipcode .
Please confirm that you will be in your current location for more than 7-10 days and agree to bear the courier fees.

Once you agree to the above conditions and would like us to send your card abroad, kindly contact us on 009714 3160316 (available 24hours) to place your request.

Thank you for choosing EmiratesNBD.



Dear Mir (or whoever else responds to these emails),

Do you guys even read your emails before you reply? I have given you all the details requested in the 1st email I sent about this. And I'm only emailing you because the people who answer the phones at your customer service 04-3160316 are incompetent and useless. I have already made 3 phone calls to them without help. I have now spent more money on my phone bill calling your bank than I have holding in my bank account with you.

Please re-read my email, see that I have agreed to have my atm card couriered to me here in Canada, and see I have given you all required details, and then respond with something helpful, rather than waste anymore of my time. If you do not understand this, please have your supervisor read my emails and respond rather than trying yourself.



Another note..

CONTACT your local courier, as you are mistaken. I work with one daily. A courier does NOT deliver to PO boxes, but only to street addresses! You should already have mine on file. But here it is again for the 15th time:


Thank you.


Yet again, one more reason I’m fucking glad I don’t live there anymore. When an economy depends on cheap labour. They tend to get and give cheap service across the board.

That’s not the only thing that’s annoying me. I meant it when I said everything is. It’s been forever since I’ve had the chance to get to the gym. Since Lars moved in, it feels like I’m constantly cleaning up, or cooking, or simply exhausted (from playing with him of course) or working on some other household project that I don’t get any real ‘me’ time. I need my fucking ‘me’ time. I’m annoyed because my garden hasn’t been built yet, and my compost worms aren’t multiplying fast enough. I’m annoyed because house suddenly feels too small for all this ‘stuff’ – I’m a minimalist and after my mom died I became the owner of countless cat trinkets and other ornaments. I’m annoyed because my brother has lost yet another job. I’m annoyed because I’m fucking annoyed. So I must be PMSing. I don’t have the patience for anything.

So despite there being dishes to be done, floors to be clean, and flowers to be tended to I’m going to finish my coffee, say ‘fuck it’, take a shower and head on out to the gym.

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