Monday, July 26, 2010
Lars and I have been having a blast, preparing the other suite for us. I live in a big house. In fact, it’s so big; there are 2 basement suites. My father finished the one I moved into around this time last year, when he asked me to move back home. At the time, we rented the other incomplete suite out at a fraction of its value. The renter (who rarely paid rent at all, actually) moved out, and Lars and I have decided to move in there – to a space that’s ours, rather than him and I staying in a space that’s mine with a few of his things thrown in the mix. We need to finish it before we can move in (as I’m spoiled that way – and my dad sees the value in the house increasing with 2 complete basement suites anyway), so it means, shopping, building, dry-walling, more shopping, painting, and more shopping even. So far, we’re re-modelling the kitchen, have bought a great black stove (with 5 ceramic burners!) and a fridge to match, new cabinets for the kitchen (enough to build an island, YAY!) and flooring.

At this very moment, Lars is next door and I can hear him dry-walling away. He’s really very good at it and considering it’s exactly what he decided to make a career out of when we met, that’s an excellent thing in all areas. Anyway, we’ve now spent countless hours together working away, and I can honestly say… I love working with him. He’s competent, strong, and inspired. He helps me when I need him to lift something heavy or move something awkward – and he helps fix my rookie construction mistakes (and he does it with a smile!). Then, when we’re all tired and dirty we get to shower, then lay down and cuddle up at night, in one another’s arms, knowing that’s exactly where we belong.

I keep waiting for the romance to die. I expect it. I wonder about it. I ponder whether or not that time will come. And then he holds my hand, or comes in here just to hug me, or sends me a BBM just to say he loves me. My thoughts easily move to how lucky we are to have found each other… Each other’s forever I’m sure.


In some not-so fun news… I tried calling my son this morning and as usual he didn’t answer his cell phone. I called the house (something I really dislike doing because it means long uncomfortable conversations in Arabic with my former in-laws!), and his toddler cousin answered – only to tell me my son was travelling before hanging up the phone. This pissed me right off and I sent my ex-husband a raving email, pretty much letting him know I was sick and tired of him not keeping me in the loop on what’s happening my son, and I threatened legal action if he doesn’t smarten up. My baby is going on 9 years old now. I’m sure if I just went to Dubai, the UAE courts would let him decide where he wanted to live. And I’m sure they would eventually give me legal right to travel with him. But it takes going to Dubai. It takes retaining another lawyer. And it would take years, and years in their court system. I don’t know if I can handle any more time in those kangaroo courts. God knows I’ve spent way too much time in Middle Eastern courthouses as it is.

Anyway… I’m still waiting on a response. Lets hope it’s favourable one.

While ranting out about issues in the UAE, I should mention my bank issue is STILL not sorted out and I still don’t have my bank card, despite doing everything they asked, AND more – even sending TWO friends with letters and my passport copy to the bank trying to sort it out. Fucking monkeys, the entire country is run by them.

Anyway… it’s enough ranting for now. There are so many great things to think about… like curling up with my Lars in an hour or so.

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