Sunday, July 4, 2010

I fell asleep on the couch last night. I woke at 3:45am to a text message that said, “Wake me… I love you. And wont wake you even though all I want is your touch… You need to sleep. Don’t leave without me!!! <3”

While falling asleep I wondered whether or not I’d wake him, knowing how exhausted he would be. He answered my questions for him. I curled into bed with him and whispered him awake. We got up, had coffee and protein shakes with my dad, and then got ourselves ready to go. We must’ve left the house just after 5am. We sold all sorts of crap at the flea market and are considering doing it all again next week… Despite it being a busy morning, it felt rather quiet. I suppose a huge part of that is how tired we both were (I took a few pills to help me sleep last night and he got home rather late).

We talked about learning from our arguments, and what we’ve learned about each other. I told him his yelling sounded more like whining, he told me he didn’t like to yell. We talked a little about our days – I’m glad to learn he had a blast with his family and there was even a live band at the park they’d decided to visit, out of the blue! And we spent a good portion of time just holding each other. One more step closer… Perhaps most surprising of it all was the fact that no army military goon showed up to kill him at his mom’s birthday party as promised….

Anyway, it’s about time we both go for a nap. How awesome would it be if we just slept right on through the night?

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