Tuesday, March 29, 2011
So I shall preserve this blog entry here:

Monday, 10 January 2011 21:48

Love and hate are both fantastic emotions. Like just about everything else in life, they are linked. We need to know one to know the other and as core emotions many perceptions, beliefs and personality-traits are conceived of these two basics. I figured this was a great place to start; a place to start my site: Chrystals.ca, a place to start my newest blog, a place to start building a window into my world and how I perceive it.

I feel very strongly about both emotions and I’m lucky enough to feel both for certain people or things. Far too many people hypocritically hate the concept of hate. They tell you hate only hurts you. They want you to believe that hate makes your heart heavy and dark. They tell themselves and other’s it’s unhealthy. When in fact, it’s their hate of hate that makes them so passionate about preaching. Hate makes them so very much in love with love they need to share.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Love and hate are natural, innate parts of what makes us who we are. This is true as individuals, as a society and even as a species. In today’s wannabe-organic world, I know of very few natural things that are bad for you.

Truly accepting that love and hate go hand in hand, we then have to accept that dwelling in any emotion, be it as positive as love, or as negative as hate, or as elusive yet prominent as fear, can damage you and is crippling to your life. My father dwells in hate, my brother in fleeting affairs of love. In my eyes, neither of them is truly healthy. My goal today is to get healthy spiritually, emotionally and physically. Following that I wish to help other’s get healthy.

As an ode to my health and other’s, I start by offering you my partial lists Of Loves & Of Hates:

Of Loves…
  • that I have learned of some of the things I love
  • the sound of my son’s voice, his laughter, his smile
  • endorphins
  • true acts of charity
  • learning
  • cuss words like ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’, and;
  • my freedom to use them at will, and;
  • the discretion to know when it is and is not appropriate
  • the acts of love (and loving the one(s) I’m with)
  • good people, food, and family
  • odd numbers
  • old-fashioned snail-mail

Of Hates…
  • being as far away from my son for as long as I have been
  • my grandmother on my mother’s side
  • my step-sister
  • my love of fried, carb-filled foods
  • BC Ferries
  • ICBC
  • any large monopoly, that thanks you for choosing/using them
  • losing touch with loved ones
  • it when people butcher my Arabic name, AlAnood (so I don’t use it in the west)

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I am forever changing and always staying this same; a true living contradiction and as such, my thoughts and opinions change frequently. I may or may not still hold the same opinions noted in out-of-date posts.

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