Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes all it takes is a look deep inside; we just need to listen to our bodies, deepest thoughts, and our subconscious feelings, in order for everything to make sense… to slowly fall back into place in order that we become ourselves again.

I’m starting to feel a whole lot better. 

I still feel very wronged by a number of people, but with clarity I realize the problem is more with them than I.  I was taking things far too personally.  The issues and the reactions say a lot more about their integrity than they do mine.  Despite any rash or unjust judgements, I’m still exactly the same person with exactly the same morals and self-respect I’ve always prided myself on.  And I have some very clear personal answers (that I shall keep private) as to why I felt so emotionally overwhelmed by it all as well.

I still feel physically sick.  I have a sore throat, that had Lars and I in emergency for a while last night.  It’s odd because I just finished a course of antibiotics for that horrible bleeding each infection.  But today, with the help of some mild painkillers and local anaesthesia that numbs, even that feels improved.

I am certain as winter turns to spring and the clouds and sunshine battle in the skies for a dominant standing, I will face a couple of very trying weeks ahead.  I’m thankful I have Lars to lean on.  I’m thankful I have understanding, loving people I can turn to in all directions.

I’m thankful the worst things in my world at this time really are with me and I do have the power to change them… even if the change that’s needed is in me.

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