Saturday, March 12, 2011

It’s been a crappy week, from start to finish.

I know I’m hated.  I’m ok with that.

Today though… I learned that I’m hated enough for someone to try and kill me.  I’m not so ok with that.

Let me explain…

A few days into my recent Squamish trip, I woke in the morning, jumped in my car and headed to my nieces house.  We were off to the city to buy salon shampoo (she’s a certified hair dresser and I have great hair)!  On the way, I noticed my emergency brake warning light was on.  My other brakes worked just fine and so I figured I’d have it looked at when I came back to the island.  Afterall, I’d recently had my brakes checked and they are still under warranty.  I didn’t worry much about it at all.

Today, my father took my car to the mechanic.  He came home, interrupted me from work (something he never does) to tell me what the mechanic had shared.  In 30-years the mechanic had never seen a nut loosen the way mine was loosened on it’s own.  My brakes had almost certainly been tampered with.  The mechanic warned, and questioned whether or not I had any real enemies.

I suppose my heart should be racing right about now. 

I should probably be shitting myself about the fact that someone actually made an attempt to take my life.  When I think about it really, really hard, I guess it does make my stomach tighten.  But more than fear, I question who… and I can think of two people, both so stupid they’d probably mistakenly choose to sabotage my e-brake rather than my actual breaks, and only one person logical.

In case I do get murdered (or my sister Kelly is hurt in any way for that matter), let me say right now: the most logical person I can think of, the only person who resides in Squmaish whom I believe hates me enough and has the insanity, the audacity to try such a stunt is Kelly’s ex John (I leave his last name out of this for the sake of my niece and nephew who carry the same name, only).  Putting John aside, the unlikely suspect, the only other person who hates me as much, would by my other sister, Sheila Fouchier.

Now please don’t misunderstand, I am not accusing either person of attempted murder.  I have no proof and I’m not one to talk out of my ass.  I’m saying if I could search the deepest corners of my mind and consider all possible suspects who have the hatred, the lack of conscience, the absolute insanity that I’ve met in my life, it would be one of those two people.

It’s pouring again. 

This is not the end of the drama in my life right now.  I’m still recovering from my illness.  Loved ones are ill and in hospital – Lars and I may make a trip tomorrow morning to offer love and positive energy.

Lars has decided he needs a new job as well as I, his current not meeting all his needs. 

A major earthquake hit Japan, a devastating Tsunami followed.  The images haunt me as I selfishly ponder our own expected quake.

My father mis-heard and ended up buying new tires for my car, rather than having them rotated costing him $400 more than he intended to spend today.

My nail broke and looks all fucked up.

I haven’t cleaned my house, or even unpacked since my Squamish trip I’ve been so sick and unwell.

Oh, and someone wants me dead.

It’s pouring again.

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