Thursday, July 31, 2008
I’m sorry you don’t want me anymore. I’m sorry you’ve decided it’s time to end it all. I’m sorry you did it in such a harsh way that almost makes me want to hate you. And I’m sorry, but I need you to know one last thing: I will not once wake up with regrets but you will.

I know I’m leaving your heart and home better then when I found them. Your house is cleaner, more organized and all around more mature. And I believe along the way you learned to keep it that way. Your heart is stronger, more confident, even more sensitive (when you’re not lying to yourself about how you feel and can feel for others). I believe you will continue to grow both emotionally and physically because of the confidence I helped you find. I leave you with a clean conscience myself, knowing I did the best for you I possibly could.

On the other hand, you will wake up one morning full of regret for letting me go. You will realize not only did you leave a relationship prematurely and fail to take all you possibly could from it, but you gave me nothing positive to take away with me. You left me more broken then I was when we met. You will wake up with regret, and on that day I want you to remember one thing... Everything we have done is what made us who we are today. So even though you fucked up real bad, you need not torture yourself thinking about it. One day, you’ll be given another chance. Please learn from this one and fight for the next. You’re still young and you still have a lot to learn about both life and love. If you allow yourself to learn from this lesson, you will find happiness one day. And I so hope you do.

I loved you and you loved me too.

4 words of wisdom:

Mars said...


Tainted Female said...

:) There's not a lot more to be said, huh?

Mars said...

i am a woman of few words....with occasional bouts of verbal diarrhea :)

HLH said...

So powerful Tainted!
I wish you could listen to this song by Asala, it sounds as powerful as this post!
When you come I will make sure you hear it, will try to find it online and send it.
His loss.


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