Sunday, July 13, 2008
During his recent trip to Dubai, he noticed two major conflicting characteristics among the population. To start with, the smell; too many people there smelt as though a shower or deodorant were foreign to them and he often felt himself gagging as their fumes assaulted his nostrils.

The next thing he noticed were the beautiful people.

The eyes of the covered women were drawn up with make-up like he’d never seen before. The time and talent that must go into it, is incredible. He assures me, those eyes are one image most every western man takes home with them. Then there were the Barbie and Ken dolls casually walking around centers and malls – each and every one of them impeccably dressed, perfumed, and pampered. They were the perfect bit of eye candy.

It’s scary to think that anyone who has been in the UAE more than a year or two can place a race to each of the descriptions I’ve given above. From the smelly ones, to the perfect people, to those with extravagant eyes; we know from such little descriptive words that the smelly people are most likely Asian labour workers or overworked and underpaid Arab taxi drivers; the eyes are khaleeji women; and the Barbie & Ken dolls are most-likely Eastern European, Lebanese, or British.

With such stark contrasts between nationalities, with lines so easily drawn even by outsiders just visiting, is there any way the transitional society that is Dubai will ever mould together and work as one?

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