Sunday, August 3, 2008
By midnight, there was an attempt at murder/suicide that resulted in bruised arms and a gaping hole in the leather couch. By 3am the most passionate love making was being had.

Passion is a beautiful, and yet scary thing.

I still left the house the next day – taking all my belongings with me. I will never turn back. What I’m doing next, is up in the air.

4 words of wisdom:

A world of Symphony said...

Passion - it hurts but it also heals (in time).

Reminds me of a Steven Seagal line of a Buddhist philosophy that goes something like this:

Learn how to heal first if you want to be great, because to hurt people is easy

Girl, I know I keep repeating myself but you take care of yourself. This you do, not only for yourself but also for Mommy's Boy.


Mars said...

passion gets me in trouble most of the time....

sea life said...

I'm reading your blog since long time ago. Now I feel like to send you all the best thoughts and wishes!
Move forward dear :)

Tainted Female said...

Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts and words...

AWOS, you'll always have a way of making me smile a little. Thank you for being you.


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