Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Completely tossed the other night and dealing with heartbreak I called the boy and asked him why he did what he did to me. A little over a year after the breakup, he has little to say except, “I’m deeply sorry for what I did to you. I miss you terribly and thinking about the love we shared almost brings me to tears. I still love you”.

There’s a lot to say about that and any comparisons that can be made between boys from the west and local boys. Both of them can be assholes, but local boys seem to be more passionate about their women (and note the plural). They seem to take better care not to inflict pain on a casual basis, where as boys from the west are colder, less considerate and can seem emotionless though more often than not, they’re faithful.

Since being home, I’ve learned to miss a few of the comforts a local boy would offer. I miss being almost force-fed when I’m not really hungry but clearly haven’t eaten enough. I’ve missed being dropped off at the entrance of a shop rather than a block away in the parking lot. I’ve missed being picked up when I needed a ride – and even when I didn’t really. I’ve missed being asked if I needed anything while he’s on his way to me. I’ve missed the small surprises. I’ve missed knowing that at 3am if I had a craving for a donut or pickles, he would be more than happy to go pick those things up for me. The list goes on and on, but to sum it all up I’ve missed being spoiled rotten.

But are those little things worth the pain that comes with knowing 9 times out of 10 he’s probably spoiling someone else alongside you? To be honest with you, I’m not even sure I know the answer to that one anymore.

5 words of wisdom:

adevents said...

good point think about it and try to answer it, maybe u can go back to islamic law regarding this (only this)

Tainted Female said...

Hello AD...

Thanks for your thoughts, but this post is more about emotions and not religion as far as I meant.

:) do hope you're well...

Imhotep said...


"9 times out of 10" i guess it is 99 of 100, only marriage (might) stop them chasing others, otherwise almost no commitment

Almost every man on earth is or was kinda asshole but locals got the money & the power which make them more qualified :D

cheers.& enjoy where u r

Tainted Female said...

lol! I never really thought of it as a money or power thing... I know a couple of wealthy guys here in Canada... That makes no difference in the way they treat their women - other than, maybe they spend more on them.

adevents said...

yes tainted i know it is about emotions but I think Islam somehow shape our emotion and behavior towered women in general Islam teach you to be kind for al kind of women sisters, mother, whatever it tech us to be gentle to women in general, although maybe we are not doing that but this a different story


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