Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I’m leaving tomorrow for the mainland. I’m off to spend a few weeks with my sister. In preparation for that trip, I went shopping today. I have never loved clothing shopping. In fact, when I was in Dubai, I had a Lebanese girlfriend who would come shopping with me, choose the clothing she thought would fit and I would like, and only then would I bother trying stuff on and actually purchasing. If I had to go alone, I wouldn’t stop foot in a changing room. There’s one thing Lebanese girls have, and that’s an eye for fashion and that persistent nature of making you do what they think is right!

Moving on... today’s experience was of the most horrific shopping experiences of my life. I realize and accept that I’ve gained 25lbs since I’ve been back in Canada. I’ve enjoyed watching my breasts go from a B cup, to a D in no time – I had simply convinced myself that that’s where it ended. What I didn’t expect was to find my thighs too big to get into the size 10 I’ve been since I gave birth to my son. I’m not even joking more than once I almost cried in the changing room, realizing how my body now resembles a fucking pear.

So after trying on 20 odd pairs of pants or shorts, and realizing I wasn’t going to fit into any of the ones I would have a year ago, I left the shop buying only a few tops and nothing more.

I headed out that door and strait to lunch – and damn Thai Stir Fry tastes good when you’re dwelling on the weight you’ve gained. I picked up a 6 pack on my way home (which is probably the cause of the weight I’ve gained to start with), and I’m packing as though the shopping trip never took place.

8 words of wisdom:

A world of Symphony said...

I just got an 'Objectionable Content' warning while refreshing!

What's the deal?

Sabah said...

I don't blog in English anymore, got a small, closed blog for friends. We moved to the post-nuclear looking marina area where people go around in bikinis and change their trousers in lifts. I'm just eating bread that smells like cigarettes for some reason. But there are good news as well. Do you still use the email you have on the blog?
Oh, and there is no way you're pear-shaped with D cup boobs ;)

adevents said...

i dont think it is that bad post some pictures a nd lets tell u if u r pear shape or not :)-

Tainted Female said...

AWOS, I added it because I decided it's only fair to warn people before they come into my blog. That way, I can have my tantrums at ease!

Sabah, I hear what you're saying. Have you checked out any of the sites I linked on the side of my blog? I'm pretty sure most of them are blocked in UAE, but if you get a chance take a look at "The best page in the universe". Even if you hate the guy, you have to admire at least some of his writing skills!

adevents, looooooool. You and your photos. If you're not good, I'm going to have to take down the photo I already have up!

Sabah said...

None of the pages you linked are blocked by Du, though the second one seems not to exist, and the "The best page in the universe" made me laugh - the guy's funny, added him to my favorites, thanks.

rosh said...

Yup, Lebanese folks, have an eye for fashion, that is very true.

adevents said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adevents said...

LOL me and the photos this when u relize u beenso long in UAE


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