Friday, July 11, 2008
... May you one day google your name and find this little note.

Dear Michelle,

At this moment your name is splashed all over the net, in blogs, and in news articles and to be quite frank, you disgust me. I am a former Dubai expatriate who remembers what the UAE was like more than a decade ago, before the likes of you were swarming to this desert oasis to ruin it.

It’s people like you that make Dubai an undesirable place to be. It is actions like yours and the repercussions of it those actions make the society unbearable for everyone else who lives there. You have successfully given officers one more reason to be weary of and harder on drunken Brits – even those who are innocent of any crime. You have successfully emphasized and helped solidify the myth in Arab minds that all western women are as shameless, easy and trashy as you are – thus encouraging them to further treat us all like dirt. You have successfully shamed yourself and your nation and without any true remorse for your disgraceful actions, and yet you plea for public sympathy by talking to the papers and making sure we all know the situation your mother is in.

You fear you will be made an example of, yet you fail to see you have made an example of yourself and from that day on the beach forward, your life will never be the same. You pity yourself, and can’t believe the situation you’re in – like you’ve walked a mile from your house and can’t believe you have to walk a mile to get back. Your ignorance, arrogance, and sheer stupidity are beyond believable. The dream world you live in, believing the general public will have sympathy for you rather than concur that you deserved to lose your job and your comfortable life in Dubai, and any pride you may have had prior to your arrest is almost surreal.

“We all make mistakes,” you plea. Being drunk, slutty, and abrasive to a police officer in a Muslim country after he let you off with a warning is not a mistake. It’s a disgrace, and a true representation of a dirty expatriate woman who allowed herself to get a little too big an ego, in the luxurious lifestyle she has been given and has taken advantage of for three years already.

May your 15 minutes of fame be short lived – you don’t deserve the attention. May you go back to the UK where your face will forever be known, and may you find a new job in an office where every-single-person there knows how easy it is to get into your panties and sees you for nothing more than the whore you are. May you never be given the opportunities Dubai has given you again.


Tainted Female

20 words of wisdom:

rosh said...

Kinda hard on silly Michelle there. I know she is completely wrong in what she did - especially assaulting, the UAE policeman. Most of these cops are the nicest folks, and they have a whole lot to deal with - especially given DXBs transformation. DXB has been so very accomodating to people like Michelle, and I hope people learn from this episode.

I can only hope, sensible people move to the UAE and those living there, take note.

Tainted Female said...

Agreed. I am hard on her. But I'm also disgusted that she pleas for sympathy and tries so very hard to emphasize the 'harsh' UAE legal system is making an example of her.

Assault a cop anywhere else, and get tazered or shot. In UAE, she gets to sensationalize it. It makes me sick. People like her make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Completely agreed with what you wrote up until the last paragraph, which just seemed utterly mean spirited. I'm disgusted too for the exact reasons you mention, but I would never wish further misery on others.

Tainted Female said...

I'm not known for being a kind hearted person. Nonetheless, I believe that even if she gets 6 years in Dubai prison, it's not enough for what she's done. The repercussions will effect every British and WHITE female national. But she'll get to write a book, get rich and famous, off no more than her shameless, sluttiness.

rosh said...

Agreed - an NYC cop, would Tazer the day lights off you - throw her in a prision. You do make valid points TF. Michelle's remorse comes across quite fake. Actually, I don't think there is any remorse to begin with.

BuJ said...

Nice one. But you give her too much "fame" by writing her an open letter.. now she's got 15.5 minutes of fame!

Btw, you reminded me with what my old english boss told me once.. he said "we english are so bad when it comes to travel and languages.. we expect everyone to speak english and do not even attempt to learn their languages.. and when they don't understand us, we simply talk english louder in the hope that this will help them understand."

I think he's summed it up pretty good. Btw, my boss is a complete gentleman that is fluent in many languages.

Tainted Female said...

Trust me Buj, if I had her mailing address, I'd have sent her a letter rather than posted it here. But as it happens, I don't, but I did have something to say to the woman!

And lol... LOUDER makes it clearer... Dontcha know?

moryarti said...

Good one Tainted... did you see the OTHER Sun story where they interviewed her friends and basically displayed her as a "party girl"?

I hope they make an example of her..

CG said...

So well written. I agree with you 100%. Like you said, she is going to ruin everything for every white woman here. I feel like wearing a burqa now.
If she is expecting between 3 months - 6 years and possibly no prosecution, then I hope they shock the panties off her (not a difficult task, I am sure)and give her 9 years.
The Hilton has a room with her name on it now, no need for a beach anymore.

And YES, Michelle, if you are reading this, then I have to say, I only feel sorry for you because somebody clearly dropped you on your head as a baby.

Tainted Female said...

Moryarti, I saw it... and was disgusted by it. :( Starting to wonder whether they should do background checks before they let people in Dubai... LOL - blood test, background test... they could go hand in hand.

And lol CG. I almost spat my coffee out reading that. I thought I was mean!

rosh said...

Background checks, blood tests, prior to entering UAE - what a brilliant idea! I vote a thumbing Y-E-S!!!

Anonymous said...

This post and some of the comments that follow it are insane. I believe that the people involved in this incident should face the law if they're guilty, but they've already faced way too much public ridicule and scorn. Some newspaper ran a story based on one interview with the dude's ex-girlfriend, saying he beat her "black and blue." But it's not like the story was based on court documents, and he wasn't quoted giving a response. Looks libellous, to me. Do you really think that having their faces splashed across the gutter press and the internet is appropriate? They made a serious enough but also, as far as we know, one-time mistake. Yeah, they got their warning and screwed it up because they were too drunk. But I don't think anyone's saying that there was an actual physical assault on the officer. In any case, I wouldn't normally have much sympathy for these people. Who cares? The beach action thing happens in Dubai all the time. But for one reason and one reason only - that they got caught - the whole world has decided to tear them both a new one. With all due respect, Forever Tainted, your post seems to say way more about you than Michelle Palmer. You're calling for an ultramax punishment for this woman based on how her actions might inconvenience you. That's sort of hysterical, and, I think, the wrong way to look at things here.

Tainted Female said...

Anonymous, I was going to leave your comment alone until you said, 'With all due respect, Forever Tainted, your post seems to say way more about you than Michelle Palmer.'

And even in response to that, I have little to say except: I'm a bitch, learn something new now, because I've already said it all.

Anonymous said...

The accused here aren't the ones who're sensationalizing this. You are, along with some tabloid journalists. But that doesn't make you a bitch. Sorry.

Tainted Female said...

"The accused here aren't the ones who're sensationalizing this. You are,(...)"

And you're not adding to that flame by making sure you anonymously post your opinions here, and most likely on every-other-forum that allows comments... Nor have you researched all the newspaper articles on this topic to know about the one of the guy's ex accusing him of beating her. No no, you're giving this 'sensational story' any attention at all.

A story is sensational because assholes like you and me take interest in it, making YOU as guilty as sensationalizing it as much as I am, period.

Now explain to me once again, what the fuck is your point?

Anonymous said...

I lived in Dubai. I work in media. I follow the news. So yes, I've followed the news on this, and paid some attention to how it has been covered in the media and what the bloggers are saying. But yours is the only blog where I've left a comment. While I'm not really one to take issue with one woman calling another woman a whore, I think I made my point pretty clear in my first comment: that your post sounds insane. You have some interesting observations about Dubai in your other posts. But do you really think that these people deserve more than six years in jail for some dry-humping on a beach? Do you really believe that she is sensationalizing her plight more than the British tabloids are? I don't want to make accusations, but you're obviously really pissed off about something, maybe generally, maybe all the time, and I don't think it's because of how white women are going to be treated in Dubai because of her actions. If you lived in the Gulf, you know well that nationals already have pretty set ideas about expats. Your outrage and almost complete inability to distinguish between established facts and web-driven rumour in this case is fascinating. I don't know anything about you, just like you don't know anything about our friends the accused. This is your blog. Fine. Do your thing. But as you point out, the publicity these people are receiving will follow them forever. I can't imagine why you'd want to revel in that, let alone add to it. Your previous explanation - that you're a bitch - sounds more like an excuse for your post than a reason for it.

Tainted Female said...

Yes, I really believe these ignorant, insanely arrogant, people deserve 6 years in jail, if not more.

And just as you're entitled to your opinion, I'm entitled to mine. So respect the fact that not everyone agrees with you (most certainly not me) and move on...

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't think that everyone should agree with me. I would hate that kind of world. I'm just trying to understand why you think these people should spend more than six years in jail assuming they're guilty. Drunk drivers who kill people have received lighter sentences. Is it fair to say that you want to see these people punished because they offended you, rather than having allegedly broken the law?

Tainted Female said...

I'm pretty sure I've made all too clear why I feel the way I do about this case. But I'll give you a short list because you can't seem to read them in the post above nor the comments here:

1 - Ignorance of the laws in UAE (or anywhere for that matter) is no excuse, especially after they were given a warning by an officer.

2 - Sex in public is illegal in most western countries, and it's widely known that sex out of marriage is a crime in the UAE. You break a law, you deserve to suffer the consequences.

3 - Attack an officer and get tazered or shot anywhere else. Why do you think this crime deserves a slap on the wrist in the UAE?

4 - Being drunk in public in the UAE is a crime, period. If you can't respect the public, you don't deserve to be part of it -- you deserve to be incarcerated.

If you read carefully, you'll find there are a number of other reasons to be found in the post, and the comments. If you can't comprehend them, I'm afraid I'm not going to explain myself to you further because I believe I have now wasted enough time on you.

And umm... Have I shared my opinion on drunk drivers? No. So again, what's your point?

Anonymous said...

You seem to think that I am defending these people. I am not. As you say, these people deserve to suffer the consequences of their actions and that may mean that they have to go to jail for somewhere between three months and six years. Break UAE law, suffer the consequences. I agree. But you say that they should go to jail for more than six years. You say that the law should punish these people more than the law normally would. And you say nothing to defend that in your last post. So please don't accuse me of not being able to read. Be reasonable.


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