Thursday, August 14, 2008

What the hell goes on in that head? -- Photography again by Sam C.

Most successful people seem to have a story of poverty in their past. Some of the more famous stories always seem to start with something like, “I hitchhiked into town with fifty bucks in my wallet and the clothing on my back...” and they end with, “Today, I’m a content multibillionaire.” Though my childhood was plagued with alcoholism and poverty, I wonder that I’ll never get that chance again. I’ve built and been blessed with too many security blankets and people that seem to love to save me.

Sunday, I leave the island broken-hearted with more than fifty dollars in my wallet and a car that’s insured in my name – with everything I own on the western content packed into the back. But the intent of leaving the island is to truly start over – and this time, with as little outside help as possible. True, my father lent me the money to insure the car (which used to be my mother’s until her license was suspended for being a drunk with epilepsy & other mental conditions). He is also lending me more money to make sure I have enough to start up, to put a down payment on a house and tide me over until I find work. On top of that, I still get rent paid to me from my apartment in Dubai, and alimony as well. And I’m not going to a town I’ve never seen. I’m heading to Squamish, where the one sister who actually has her head on right, lives with her husband and twin children. Perhaps I’ll never be able to start a story like the many famous successful people. But I will be successful & I will find contentment.

Perhaps, I’ll even get to writing that damn book I’ve been thinking about?

12 words of wisdom:

Mars said...

that's a beautiful portrait. and best of luck with a new start. may it be the beginning of a brighter and more promising future :)

Saboodle said...

Good luck with the move, in every sense. There is a saying (badly translated) "move (houses/places) and you'll get a rest".

rosh said...

Everyday is a new beginning. Life gives us chances. You are very young, life is just about beginning. Here's to a new beginning.

adevents said...

yub write that damn book i wil be the first reader , dont forget to send me a free copy LOL good luck and by they way you have a beauty head

kaya said...

What a pic. What hair. OOOh!
Listen woman, burn dem bridges, and put all that hurting in a suitcase.
You go ahead and start on a fresh page. You go ahead and do all those things that people say you cant do.
I wish you all the BESTEST , and heres to you, and the future.

Tainted Female said...

Thank you all, very, very much.

Am already here in my sister's place and already feeling a little better.


sea life said...

A wonderful portrait!!!
All the best wishes, don't lose your hope. I was in a same situation, for 18month. Head up!!!!!!!!!!!!

sea life said...

Write the book! I'll buy and recommend it to all my friends!!!

Tainted Female said...

lol sea life... thank you! I appreciate it much!

existential al ain said...

"lives with her husband and twin children. "...

I hope you're not a home-wrecker.


Good luck!

Tainted Female said...

Umm... how twisted are you? I'm talking about my sister and my brother-in-law.

existential al ain said...

...not so twisted.


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