Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Some anonymous dickhead who got a hard-on for me on another site decided to tell me what my problem was in comments here earlier today. Oh feeble minded anonymous and those like you, please allow me to make it easier for you by pointing out what my fucking problems are, so you can gladly copy & paste them in the future and be at least remotely accurate in your findings.

My biggest problem is myself. I’m a fucking cunt, not only to you but also to me. There is NOTHING you can say to me that I haven’t already told myself. I suffer a number of psychological disorders, I grew up in an alcoholic family, I have been molested more than once. I seek love in the wrong places from the wrong types of men. I cut myself. I snap, and have attempted to commit suicide (and murder) on more than one occasion. I burn way too many bridges and I find it really hard to forgive. I have to take pills to get my pitiful ass out of bed most mornings. I over-analyze just about everything. I don’t trust people, and I don’t trust myself. I make piss-poor decisions. I judge harshly, and I’m even a little racist not to mention bias concerning some things. I’m a little over weight and on the verge of becoming anorexic, my mother lost her mind and thinks I’m the antichrist. My son is on the other side of the planet, and I have made a miserable mess of my whole fucking life.

I never should have been born in the first place. But guess what dickhead, I was. And I’m not going anywhere real quick, and most certainly not because you believe the world would be a better place if it only existed of people as oblivious of themselves as you are. I may be a royal fuck up, but I know myself and I know along with all these ‘problems’ (that many, many more people face without even realizing), I’m also more intelligent than your average twat, more loved than most online trolls, more intuitive, more artistic, more creative, funnier, more accepting, kinder, bolder, stronger, with a broader view of the world, and I have a brilliant future waiting me. I excel in everything I do!

I’m 27 years old and I’m well on my way to fixing my problems, thanks to the fact that I realize they exist. Maybe instead of telling other’s what you think their problems are, you should spend more time asking yourself what the fuck your own problems are and counting your fucking virtues.

9 words of wisdom:

adevents said...

lol i just love it when u r mad wow that rant is good

Elliot said...

That's a pretty serious post, kudos for opening up to that extent.

I've stumbled across this randomly, but if anything- and for all your problems, at least you're interesting.

Tainted Female said...

Why thank you Elliot. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Mars said...

good on you :)

Tainted Female said...

I'm sorry AD... I totally didn't say anything to you with my last comments. Please forgive me. And thank you for the compliments.

mars... Seriously, some people just piss me off, thinking they have any right to judge, analyze people they don't fucking know!!

kaya said...

Hello taited.
I didnt realise you had started to blog again.
Well welcome back. Thanks for dropping by my blog now and then.
That was a very crisp post.But the important thing is you believe in whats good in you, and you are a fighter.
Someday soon, I hope you can put all this unkindness and ugliness behind.
You should never forget it, for it will be like one of those framed certificates on the wall, but everytime you see it, you will know you tamed the demon, and that you are at peace.

Tainted Female said...

I love you Kaya, and I'm working on it. I promise. It's good to have you here!

rosh said...

"I over-analyze just about everything. I don’t trust people, and I don’t trust myself. I make piss-poor decisions. I judge harshly, and I’m even a little racist not to mention bias concerning some things....I never should have been born in the first place. "

...and a whole lot more.

stop writing about me, will ya?


Tainted Female said...

lol Rosh... You just made me smile from ear to ear!


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