Monday, August 11, 2008
I realized the other day a fair number of my girlfriends met their boyfriend’s, fiancé’s, or husbands online. It got me thinking, I haven’t met many new people here since I got back, period. It seems as though society as a whole is making its way to the internet. TV commercials here are littered with advertisements for dating, connection, and socializing sites such as, or Is this today’s and our future’s way of connecting with people? Is society as it once was dying?

Growing up, I never had problems meeting people or making friends. It’d be a lie to say I have such problems now. Perhaps it isn’t me that’s cutting herself off from the world, perhaps it’s the world cutting itself off from anyone who isn’t online? I met a friend of mine for coffee yesterday. As I stood in line waiting to order my coffee, I overheard a girl chatting on her mobile, “They sent me the same thing on facebook!” Her whole conversation seemed to be about her life online. My friend arrived with her baby and we pulled up a few chairs outside. The girl on the phone sat alone on the bench, waiting I guess, for the phone to ring again. She seemed out of place without a laptop in front of her. She seemed out of place, alone in a coffee shop like Starbucks without a drink, with a little bit of an empty look on her face. I wondered if I looked the same when I ventured out alone.

Is the internet making it hard for us to socialize? Is it making it harder for us to be a functioning society? Are online dating sites worth checking out? Is there a stigma attached to relationships that are formed online? Could there be any romance in it at all?

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Mars said...

meeting online still has a stigma because it's never the same as 'meeting in person'. but i think meeting online is just a way to get to the point of meeting in person and see how it goes. it's rather a screening process and gives time for people to know each other without worrying about looks and the like. and whether they're weird stalker freaks.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame , you talk so much a garbage truck should make scheduled stops here.

You know what your problem is? You are a prisoner of your own mind, you obviously think constantly in a critical way while most people don't.
So instead of just going with things , or just living life , you are too busy dissecting issues that may not even be real because your comfortable in your head.

Stop being such a chicken and go outside , you want to meet new people? then do it outside , the internet is/hasbeen & always will be a breeding ground for the worst of people. Stop whining & do something about it

Tainted Female said...

**Deleted and reposted because I initially pasted the wrong IP**

Anon, besides the fact that reading comes difficult to you and you failed to note that I was in fact 'out & about' with a friend while these thoughts struck me, I have to say your words have no meaning to me based on the fact that you're keeping yourself anonymous.

I find it amazing that people from all over the place find comfort in giving ill gotten, ill spirited advice to strangers after reading (and failing to comprehend) just a few lines someone decided to share with whomsoever wants to read.

Koeln Nordrhein-westfalen Germany

A world of Symphony said...

Are online dating sites worth checking out?

Absolutely not.

Is there a stigma attached to relationships that are formed online?

Absolutely yes.

Could there be any romance in it at all?

Consider this line 'distance makes a heart grow fonder'. And then decide, how can it when two people are not close enough to touch.

Tainted Female said...

AWOS, I love your logic. And it's what I want to believe myself. But how is it that so many people I know now, met their soul-mates online?

I'm kind of sensing a transition in social-life as we know it...

How's Sunshine? And what are her thoughts on it? ((I'd love your woman's opinion here!!))

A world of Symphony said...

I agree there are random episodes, as such. And even though I find this trend interesting, it scares me.

Maybe in the next life, huh? - LOL

Sunshine's fine, running around picking up stuff before we fly away on an airplane tomorrow evening. And I'll see if I can make her hyper self sit down and write you a response before we're up there amidst the clouds.

You follow your heart, My Dear Friend and believe me, lightning will strike when you least expect it.


Tainted Female said...

You two enjoy your trip, and be sure to pop in and say hi when you can!

Always a pleasure...

Imhotep said...

yah it seems a new "lifestyle" and we have 2 deal with it xD

Karen ^..^ said...

I have had supposed anonymous comments left on my blog. I knew full well who it was, however, and found it quite amusing, actually. They made themselves look like a total asswipe, and I was victorious in keeping my cool. Plus, you have all your blogger friends sticking up for you, so that is nice too.

Anonymous is a cowardly peice of shit who needs to get a life. While most of us are happily living our lives, and sharing generously with the world, they are lurking about, always sure to leave a little shit nugget wherever they happen to slither into. Poor anonymous. I feel sorry for him/her.


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