Monday, February 13, 2012
Please take a look at my Virgin account and not the ‘CR’ as shown on the ‘Pay my Bill’ button. This is showing a CREDIT of nearly $200 on my Virgin account:


Now read the letter I got in the mail from them today:


For those who can’t see it, here’s what it says,


Hey there Chrystal **********

We’ve tried to get in touch, but we haven’t heard back from you or received payment for your account.

We hate to say it, but your account is now overdue and your service is disconnected. You may have already gotten your final bill. If not, then you’ll be getting it soon. Your final balance might be different from the amount listed here if your Membership Agreement had any early cancellation fees with it.

Please give us a call toll free at 1-877-745-7721 so that we can set up the final payment to your account. Unfortunately, if we do not get full payment immediately then we have no choice but to forward your account to a Collections Agency, which might be bad for your credit rating.

We can’t help you out if you don’t let us know what’s up, so call us right away!

Virgin Mobile

My initial response was to call them – and of course I was pissed. This is NOT the first time they’ve sent me such a ridiculously threatening letter claiming I hadn’t made payment when I certainly have. This is not the first time they’ve insulted me or completely betrayed my trust as a customer. I’m sure you all remember my 1st bought of Virgin’s crappy service here.

After that ordeal, Virgin actually offered me a small credit, fixed my phone rather quickly, but not without one of their technicians hacking into my blackberry and contacting me at all my personal AND professional email accounts (which I never gave Virgin permission to use at all). I fully intended to come back and sue the bastards, but life got in the way and as time went by I calmed down and let it go.

Then today comes around. The Siraya tool I first spoke to at Virgin had the nerve to yell at me until I hung up on her. I called back and got to speak with an equally useless Alesha from the Virgin Mobile customer service team. She refused to let me talk to a manager unless I gave her all sorts of verification information. I don’t understand why I need to prove who I am before reaching a Manager in this company. How’s this for public proof that I’m a real person and I’m pissed:


Virgin needs to go ahead and cancel my contract with them. THEY need to pay the penalty fees. I washed my Blackberry anyway and am waiting for my new iPhone ordered Apple in the mail. When arrives, I’ll sign on with Telus over this crappy excuse for a Mobile phone provider. I’ll move my father’s cell over too.

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