Sunday, February 5, 2012
It wasn’t long ago that the word ‘meditate’ induced images of fat Buddhist men sitting in absolute stillness and silence on some beach somewhere ignoring everything around them. Sitting still with your eyes closed is about all I understood it to be, and how fucking boring is that? Now that I understand it a little better, there is absolutely nothing boring about meditating at all. In fact, meditation is a challenge, a struggle, a lesson in the art of doing nothing.

As you silence your body’s motions, your mind tends to scream louder. Meditation is the art of silencing the body and the mind, recognizing your thoughts as they come and letting them go each time you realize your mind is wandering. Meditation is being in your body as a true observer of what’s happening to it, while you live in it without trying to change it.

The results, I’m finding of consistent, daily meditation is a calmer nature, less insomnia (in fact I haven’t had to take a sleeping pill since I started), and greater tolerance for pain and discomfort (both emotional and physical). And of course, I’m finding it far easier to tolerate, accept and embrace stressful situations.

I figured since I’ve been going on about it for a while now, I might as well give those of you who view meditation the same way I did up until recently, a little insight as to what it really means to meditate (to me). For more clinical information on meditation, see Wikipedia here.


The Ali Tattoo… With my recent blog makeover I included the henna-inspired tattoo I drew for my son. I drew the floral borders first by hand, and then in Illustrator. I intend to expand on it a fair bit before the next tattoo date, on March 3rd. What you see here and now will soon frame my shoulder and stretch down my arm.


We have finally filed our taxes. I’ve renewed my car insurance for the next year. I filled out the organ donor form, and Lars’ is waiting for his signature. Things are feeling pretty complete these days.

2 words of wisdom:

Confessions of a Wanna Be Yogini. said...

Meditation is a challenge I love to hate. I have such issues with my posture, that a lot of times I get so frustrated with my inability to sit right, and lose all focus.. other times, I hit places spiritually that I need to...

Its so good for you to just.. be.. with yourself. :) I am so happy you have found this for yourself Chrystal. Im also glad to hear that it's helping you!!!

Love ya sweets!

Tainted Female said...

Start by lying down. That's what suggested in the book Full Catastrophe Living.

I do it this way, with a full body scan daily. I will soon move on to adding sitting meditation to it, but for now, I'm very content with just lying down and letting the work be focused on my mind. When I can learn to let go of my body a little more confidently, I'll move on to try sitting!

And love you too! You should come home sometime soon!


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