Wednesday, February 15, 2012
I came home from yoga on the 13th to a candle lit house… By that I mean the entire house was lit with tea light and scented candles. Lars led my way to the bathroom where he’d prepared a candle-lit lavender-rose-petal bubble bath for me. When my bath was done, he took me to my candle-lit bedroom and tucked me into bed. He spoiled me rotten and wasn’t done…

On the 14th, I got off work to find a beautiful vase of lucky-bamboo and a stunning blue rose – framing a bottle of my favorite wine. We ate steak and lobster for dinner and I went to bed shortly after – a bit tipsy from the wine and unknowingly tackling the start of a flu or cold. I woke at midnight starving and feverish and was up for hours.

Now I can’t breathe. But apparently, my Valentines surprises from Lars aren’t done yet. There’s something in the mail on its way to me.

He kind of put the mug, card and cap I bought him to shame – didn’t he? But that’s ok. I know he still loves me and we love on each other every day. Valentines is just a day we get to exaggerate that!


Virgin Mobile Canada still hasn’t brought any resolve to their absolute incompetence in managing their accounts in particular mine (of which I really should only have one). They offered to ‘waive the $30’ owing on my secondary account – that they never should have created in the first place, and that I already paid off in order to merge the 2 accounts back in November when I realized they weren’t charging me for my internet stick.

They fuck up my account creating a 2nd one for some unknown reason. We discover this in November and I’m told I have to pay off both accounts before they can merge the two. I do. They then send me a nasty letter saying they’ve cancelled my services and that they will get debt collectors on my ass if I don’t pay them $30 I owe them on some account I never authorized, they never should have created, and was supposed to already have been resolved – while I have nearly $200 credit on the only account I should have. And I should be good with, even thankful for them waiving the $30 fee I shouldn’t owe them in the first place? Fuck that. I want out of my contract with them, so that I can purchase my phone and data needs from a company that has the ability to manage their client accounts appropriately.

I work really, REALLY hard at growing my Canadian credit. The threat that their inability to manage their accounts has the potential to damage that is worth no amount of money. As far as I’m concerned, they fucked up our contract agreement and they need to waive any penalties and let me out of it, now.

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