Wednesday, February 29, 2012
SAY (Suicide Awareness for Youth) responded to my application. Because of my recent loss of Tareq, they won’t allow me to volunteer just yet. Apparently I have to wait a year. I can understand this, even if it sucks. I’m strong enough to do this. I know many aren’t. So I will reregister again.

Emergency Response responded too. I’ll set up an interview with them tomorrow and see if they have such a policy. It’s crossed my mind to lie about my recent loss, as I know they’re going to ask, but I can’t do that. It just feels dirty. I’m going into this, into every commitment I make, whole-heartedly and with only honesty.

I woke up to a full-fledged snow storm today. Here’s what it looked like this morning as I reached my office:

Clumps of snow the size of twoonies fell from the sky. By the time my day was over, the sun was shining, the snow melted off the roads and most of the sidewalk. I arrived home just before 7pm. I’m glad to be here, with Lars and my father and all our pets. I look forward to sleeping in my new bed.

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