Thursday, November 11, 2010
I don’t get what’s wrong with this society. Everyone bitches, and whinges in the confides of their comfy homes to their closest friends about the same unjust things, but no one, and I mean NO ONE will stand up and fight for what they believe in – and in doing so, they do NOTHING to rectify the problems they bitch about.

Bad doesn’t really happen if we close our eyes so tight we don’t see it. He’s not really, evil… He’s just acting evil. I don’t want him to dislike me, so I should find someway to agree with him and her both.

What a crock of shit – a crock of shit you only see when the evil is being impressed on you and everyone reacts in the very way you are now. Sometimes, the right thing to do is to take sides. Sometimes, it’s RIGHT to make disgusting injustices known to as many people as possible, because awareness IS POWER. Sometimes, the asshole needs to be told he’s an asshole and in that he’ll be forced to look at his own actions and think twice.

Just under a year ago, my sister decided to leave her common-law husband. Ever since, he’s been waging an emotional and psychological war against her, using their 7-year-old twin children as missiles. And ever since, she’s found herself defending herself against him, desperately trying to protect her children from the emotional abuse, and putting together the pieces of them as he so quickly tears those babies apart again. Making a child choose between mommy and daddy is just about the worst thing a parent can do. And when those children grow up, they will NOT forget which parent played the games.

So long as she and we are quiet about all that’s going on, everyone agrees with her. But as soon as we have had enough, and taken a stance, made public his actions, we’re the bad people – somehow we’re worse than he is for abusing and harassing her and the kids, because we are making SURE that people know about it; because we REFUSE to sit back any longer and let it continue.

It’s amazing, because making public his threats have made the threats stop. While silence allowed it to continue for months, and months!!!

Still, those people who claim to love my sister, those who claim to have defended her, who claim they’ve witnessed his obscenities with their own eyes and do not condone it, they now disown her and me, and anyone who says out loud, “HEY, I’ve had enough of this BULLSHIT. AND NOW IT’S TIME TO END IT.”

If you don’t want anything to do with the drama… stay out of it. It's possible to do that without causing more pain to those involved. Don’t make us choose between being your friend or standing up for what we believe in. There is enough bullshit in this situation. Trying to push your weaknesses on us, while claiming moral superiority is simply not fair and only adds to the negativity that all are feeling.

If you're not a part of the solution... You're part of the problem. And pretending the situation isn't there... doesn't make that true.

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