Tuesday, November 16, 2010
It’s starting to feel like I’ve literally lived in every inch of this house. After mom died and I had to come back home, it was a room upstairs until the 1st basement suite was finished. When that was complete, I moved into the smaller of the two suites this house has. Then I met and fell in love with Lars. My suite wasn’t big enough for the both of us. So when the tenant of the other suite moved out, Lars and I moved on to complete the renovations of the larger basement suite and upon it’s completion we moved in.

With the completion of that suite my father bought us a hot tub (in addition to a few other toys), and Lars has fallen in love with it. He’s busy switching the filter out now, and will then move on to creating a false-rock type cave to enclose it. It’s a project that will probably take all winter to complete… and now, it doesn’t look like we’ll have that much time.

My brother has decided to move out. And with that, the logical thing for Lars and I to do, is move back upstairs and leave both suites in the basement for renters. It makes logical, and financial sense (especially since one of the suites now has a private hot tub!). There are two rooms on the main floor of the house. Both unoccupied. One can be my office, the other can be our bedroom. But Lars loves his tub so tomorrow; my dad and I are going shopping for a new hot tub – one for the main floor of the house.

We’ve done a lot of shopping lately. With Christmas around the corner, and my sister planning on coming with the kids, it’s starting to feel a lot like the holidays are already here. I adore shopping for others. And as it turns out, so does Lars. We’re all set to surprise one another it seems. And if we were competing on who bought whom the best gift, I have a felling it’d be a pretty close battle!

With the festivities and with John (my sisters ex) still being a complete head-case/dickhead and now saying he is going away for the entire school vacation, rather than taking my niece and nephew for a second Christmas after their Christmas here, it looks like Lars and I won’t be making a move upstairs until after new years at the latest.

We are getting excited about the idea anyway… And the prospect of that extra office/room being there means there is an ample amount of space for my son if and when he gets here. I talked to him this morning and assured him that when he was big enough it would be possible for him to come here. It’s Eid and he’s busy celebrating with his cousins – but was more than happy to step away so we could talk for a bit. Getting a hold of him was a bit a nightmare, and required me making threats to his father about contacting the UAE police if I didn’t hear something from someone soon. I have been trying to call for a week now without response. Almost immediately after I sent the text, his father replied by text saying he would get my sons cell phone too him right away, and his wife was texting me the cell number to my sons grandfather, saying I could reach him there because his cell phone was at home.

That’s the first bit of communication my ex husband has made with me since he started ignoring me (and stopped making alimony/support payments). But whatever… it’s irrelevant right now. I talked to my baby and he’s well. And he’s getting bigger. And it won’t be long now, and he’ll be here with me. That’s about the only thing on earth that could make my life anymore complete.

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