Saturday, July 9, 2011

And Off I Go Again…

I head out to Squamish again tomorrow.  I’ll be there for a week or so helping manage things while our Trish is on vacation.  James will be out that way, so we're hoping to meet up for lunch or something.  When I get back, I have just one more week before I get to take my very own vacation (10 whole days!!!).  During my vacation, I’ll have some very special guests.  My sister Renee is coming with her two boys.  I’ve never met any of them, and I’m so excited about the opportunity.  The down side… well, Ed is driving out here with them.  I have no interest in seeing or knowing Ed at all.  Ed’s my biological dad and no more than a sperm donor in my honest opinion.   He’s done nothing for me my whole life and only negative for my mom when she was alive.  He doesn’t deserve the time I’m spending thinking of him right now.  My real father… I live with him.  And he’s a great man.

Anyway, I haven’t got a lot of time.  I have to pack, and Lars and I are planning on spending the afternoon on the sea.  I’m going to make sugar-free chocolate covered bananas today, then some crab cakes as we caught 9 HUGE crabs yesterday and boiled them all up.  We’re having so much fun on the water, it’s incredible.  Perhaps today it’ll be warm enough to actually jump in…

I’ve finished my websites.  I updated and completed  I invite you to take a look at both.

I’ve also printed off a postcard campaign for launching  I intend to send out a bunch of postcards sometime while my sister is here that offers people 10% off, and for the 1st three contracts, I’ll donate 50% to autism research.  I think it’s a great deal for them, and me!!!

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