Saturday, July 2, 2011
I graduated last week.  My final project can be found  at:, and a secondary site I built for Lars’ sister can be found here:  I’ve also been working on my personal site which can’t be access at the moment as it’s password protected while in development.  I’m having a blast doing this – which is good, because I haven’t been feeling like work is going so well lately.  While at the start of this course I was thinking web design could be a secondary career, I’m now thinking I may have to make it my primary.  It saddens me a whole lot as I love my current company more than I’d have believed, but the passion that makes me so great at what I do there, seems to also be what’s breaking me right now.

Yesterday was Canada Day.  It was also the first day Lars and I had a chance to spend together, completely, all alone, just enjoying each other, in a long while.  I can’t think of a better way to do that then on his Seadoo, which we finally launched last week.  We really, really, really had a blast. Here’s a peak:


We spent hour after hour on the sea, playing, making friends (we actually met a couple and their kids vacationing at sea on their boat, and had a beer onboard with them before taking off again), catching crab and letting them go (only because we didn’t catch enough for dinner!), visiting near uninhabited islands, and watching the ‘Build Your Own Boat Races’.

We had no idea these were taking place, but we sure where happy to end up dead-smack in the middle of them.  We had so much fun yesterday, and slept so well last night, Lars and I intend to spend this beautiful Saturday doing the exact same thing… Only today, perhaps we’ll bring home dinner!!!

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