Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Such a busy non-summer it’s been! Most of it has been just brilliant.

I graduated my Web Design course – finishing with a final grade of 100% - after of course the Administrator corrected his typing error that initially gave me 97%. He blamed the mistake on others. I personally think he did it on purpose out of spite (I didn’t exactly make his life easy) – he probably didn’t count on me asking for specifics on how or why I was marked so low in the Flash section of the course. So when I did confront him, he blamed the instructor. When I copied the instructor on the communications and demanded an explanation for the mark and asked what part of the lessons I failed to get, my instructor assured me he’d marked me 100% across the board. The Administrator responded shortly after blaming another faculty member of the same first name as my instructor for the mistake. I don't buy it, but don't really care (I don't have to work with him), so long as my mark is corrected. My transcripts were corrected – not without fight of course.

Can’t really get much higher than 100%, though I’m not sure it’s fully deserved seeing how two sections of the course were taught by incompetent people and I honestly can’t say what I learned during those sections from the school. It really isn’t much of a school, but more a cash cow for the business owner. There’s no other reputable technology specific learning centre on the island – which means Q College can afford to financially rape students with half-assed courses taught by non-teachers. Out of an 11 week course that cost $7056.00 (inc. taxes), my entire class is asking for some sort of compensation for at least 3 weeks that were wasted by the school with crappy instructors with crappy instruction – it says a lot really when you’re taking about $641.45 a week. I did however learn a hell of a lot on my own taking online tutorials to cover the sections we were supposed to be learning in class. I’m still waiting on Q College’s promised reimbursement (either in cash or in lesson re-takes with qualified instructors). I highly doubt we’ll ever see it. To my knowledge, none of the other students have heard anything either.

Life goes on, and this almost-summer has had way more ups than downs...

I finally got to meet my sister Renee, and my nephews Brandon and Aiden. It’s almost scary how similarly Renee and I seem to be built:


We’re both the same height, same shoe size...

She is fantastic. My nephews are fantastic. And my biological father had enough respect for what I feel for him to keep his distance – I didn’t even have to look him in the eye. They came and left so quickly, it breaks my hear t to know I have such good family so far away… But at least I have them now.

Lars has left to Snowlake to take care of a Tree Falling contract for his father. He’ll be returning with his dad, and hopefully an excavator just as soon as the job’s done – however long that takes a few weeks or so. Crappy time of year for him to be in Manitoba. I hear there’s bugs. It’s weird to not have him in the house – not right. That’s something to think about next time I tell him I want him to leave out of anger. It’s not nice not having him here. We’ve had our ups and downs recently, but most of all, we’ll pulled through and we’re happy – still madly in love. He’ll be back soon, and next week I’m up and leaving to Squamish again for work…

Ahh, time for bed. My. Big. New. Empty. Bed. I miss Lars.

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