Tuesday, March 23, 2010
I’m about double that age now. Double the age I was when I thought I knew just about everything. And now I can see that I really know nothing at all.

Things change so drastically as we age. Events unfold altering who we are from our very core. I’m fairly certain my life’s events have left me utterly insane. I’m ok with that though.

Trying to pull together the strings of my life and make some rational sense of what’s left in my irrational world, I’ve found myself subject to more stress than I know how to manage. Stress kills – literally. It started with my hands. I was recently diagnosed with Raynaud’s. My immune system is shot and it seems I’m suddenly allergic to some unknown substance – I have welts and rashes.

I’m getting old; so old I can start to complain about random ailments even as I finally start taking real note of my health.

The last few months I’ve found myself a bit of a fitness freak. I’ve replaced smoking with hours in the gym. Generally, I feel and look better than I probably have in years. But I’m falling apart. I know it. I can feel it. Time has taken her grip and is sucking me in. And it feels like it’s taking her no time at all.

5 words of wisdom:

Anonymous said...

With time knocking on our door, ever so boastful, we start to work on our health and body, because we feel it is broken and wish to fix it.

We are broken. Inside. Yet when have we tried to fix the inside?

Is it too late?

Tainted Female said...

Do we even want to fix it?

My breaks are what make me what I am in so many ways...

I like me.

Anonymous said...

This is true....

Max said...

Who gets to say what is right and what needs to be "fixed"?

We all admire and work towards being better in ways that we define, not by what others say.

Who we are now is a summation of all our experiences in life.

Tainted Female said...

I agree 100% Max. Why can't I click on your profile?


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