Monday, March 29, 2010
Having never been wrong about anything my entire life, even when telling you what your opinion should be on K9’s and other such things, is finally taking it’s toll on me. Sympathize with me, as stupid mortals cannot comprehend how stupid they are and it’s driving me insane.

I’m right. I’M RIGHT! I AM ALWAYS FUCKING RIGHT! I’ll stomp my feet and twist my words, drag up issues from the past while screaming at you to prove it. I am never wrong.

Nor am I responsible for my own happiness, my own security, even my own toilet.

You are. Or she is. Or even him, over there!

And when you fix what I have broken, I owe you neither apology nor thanks. How absurd you should expect even a note of gratitude from someone of my standing. Mortal humans, so stupid! You are unworthy of my time, will you never learn?

So dumb you are that you’ll never see it my way – it’s almost cute to watch you try. But can you not see the troubles you cause me?

How hard it is to always be right in a world where everyone else is wrong.

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