Monday, January 26, 2009
I didn’t need it. I wanted it. I could have come home and gone to bed. Instead, as soon as I was dropped home, I jumped into my car and to the store to buy a pack. I then drove to Whistler, because I live so fucking close and hadn’t bothered to do it yet. From Whistler, I drove back into town, to Shoppers where I bought the lightest, brightest blonde hair dye I could find. I now sit waiting for it to take to my somewhat brown hair. I dyed it dark at the start of winter. It’s still fucking cold, but it’s time to be blonde again.

I met a boy. He confuses me. I confuse me. I don’t need a boy. But I think I may want one. And even worse, I think I may want him. But he’s so wrong for me in so many ways... and so right in so many others. I have no fucking clue what I’m doing with him. But I know next time I see him, I’ll be blonde.

Boys are bad. Girls are worse. And I smoked a cigarette.

6 words of wisdom:

existential al ain said...

Already? How do you feel?

Tainted Female said...

It had been nine days. That's a long freaking time for a non-smoking smoker to go without a cigarette! What do you mean already? lmfao.

I feel fine. Which is probably crappy. I should feel guilty or bad or something like that. But I don't. I enjoyed the first cigarette - except the taste. Those things taste like crap.

adevents said...

and who is that BOY ?

Tainted Female said...

He's no one important... Just another boy to mess with my head for a short while... But this time I think I got rid of him with the first sign of flakiness, rather than letting it drag on and on!

That should be a good thing... Why does it feel so shitty?

kaya said...

First sign of flakiness?
Good lord tainted. You need industrial strength Head and Shoulders.

Tainted Female said...

LOL Kaya, I was talking about HIS flakiness and not mine. I'm a freaking flake all the way... But you know that all too well already. :) I've been meaning to send you an email about how the move is looking. Will get around to it soon enough, I'm sure. But in case I don't, hope it's all going smoothly and as planned -- also hope you've helped make up your mind about some things.


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