Friday, January 6, 2012

As I sit on the couch here, I watch out the windows as two Humming Birds fly up and drink from each of the two feeders we have hanging outside each of our two bay windows. I can’t help but think as Lars’ Facebook status said this morning, ’just another morning in paradise.’ If it weren’t for those feeders, the Humming Birds would die, having no natural food source here in the winter and having learned long ago to depend on human assistance so they no longer migrate south. In a way, it’s a Paradise we help build – for us and for those around us. Even the Humming Birds now too lazy to fly away from the cold.

Why do we take so much offence to a person (any person) telling us, “We’re nothing alike you and I.” Is it the underlining insinuation that we can’t understand or empathize with where another person is at emotionally? That’s about all I figure it can be. It’s a conversation that started yesterday online and got my mind ticking and me thinking.

As we drove for what I referred to as a late-night trip (it was 6pm) to Dairy Queen to get an Ice Cream Cake to feed this sweet craving I was having, I mentioned to Lars how little he and I have in common. His response was, “Fuck off! We have a lot in common.”

That’s the way I felt when someone told me the same thing earlier. But really, our differences are what make life as entertaining as it is, so who cares about the rest? We all get to live in the Paradise or Hell we choose to create.

What we really need to figure out is, why do we spend so much time creating little ‘mind-hells’ to dwell in when right here, right now, where the Humming Birds dance in front of my windows, I could be enjoying a little bit of my Paradise?

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