Monday, October 24, 2011
I’ve been having a hard time with stress lately. A little stress is good; it keeps the adrenalin up and helps a person succeed. Not too much… Not so much. It builds up in me, and reflects itself in places it doesn’t belong in my life.

Friday night, Lars and I missed a costume party because I was too wound up to even think about enjoying myself. Saturday, I fell into a tantrum because I couldn’t find my hairbrush. We then spent the evening trying to find an open clinic so I could speak to a freaking doctor about how to best handle my stress, as that was simply ridiculous. The clinics were all closed, or no longer taking patients due to long waiting lists. We went home and to bed. Yesterday, Lars and I decided to try and battle it on our own.

We first went to the flea market, then to Incendiary Tattoos to introduce their new website and talk about the tattoos we’ll be getting in exchange for my work. We then went to the salon, where I got pretty nails and Lars got a pedicure. We wandered the malls, looked at wedding rings (for him and I) and then came home, where I we cuddled up on the couch for a bit where I fell asleep on his lap for a short while. Eventually, he got up and went to work on the shed; I stayed rested on the couch till it was time to make dinner.

It was a very relaxing day. And another day it made me thankful for Lars. Not many men would get a pedicure with you, just to help you smile. (I can’t wait to get the pictures up)!

Today was alright too. I was able to express how stressed out I was to my bosses. I’ve offered a few suggestions to help de-stress the entire office. And we’re all going to work on it together. I love my office. I really, truly do.

I love my Lars.

I'm pretty freaking blessed.

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