Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Boys & Girls!

It’s the 2nd year in a row when I shall start to solicit your charity for the cause of Autism Awareness.  As some of you know April is Autism Awareness month, though we walk on September 25th, I can’t think of a better time than now to start appealing to you.

It’s all too often we only stand for a cause we know personally – and all too often we learn personally a little too late that our earlier attention may have offered some form of prevention and/or solution in our own lives.

Please remember, every donation big and small counts (that includes those of just a few dollars – a coffee break for many of us)!  This year, in addition to soliciting donations, I’ve created a quick online store so you can make a purchase with your cause.  Please see: for a place you can shop and support.  At the moment, I have only products promoting Autism up (which would be a brilliant charitable purchase for you to make), however I intend to add handmade jewelry and other goods in the near future.  Please visit often, and buy lots if you can!  Note the ‘Order Dates’ noted on products are the approximate times which I will order the products in bulk. Items will be shipped out to you upon my receipt of them.

For those of you who cannot manage to donate, or do not wish to spend, if you could please just pass the word on and maybe help encourage others you know who are in a position to donate, to do so for a good cause.  By avoiding the online shop and choosing to donate directly at you will be issued a receipt for tax purposes (and we could all use a tax break every now and then)!

And if you don’t wish to even do that, I encourage you to join us in our walk on September 25th at the Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver.  It feels good to do good for others – and what better way than with a brisk walk on a beautiful Vancouver day surrounded by beautiful people?

I look forward to seeing you all!

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