Thursday, August 19, 2010
...I suppose you have a reason other than envy for the light contact-lenses too? I can't wait to hear it!


It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I only write in this blog for others. I hold a lot back on what I think, and feel, and all those pesky little details that are really making their way through my brain. It was preventing me from writing at all… The truth of the matter is, that’s been the case for years. People from my work read this blog. People from high places in the UAE read this blog. People I know and even people I don’t know read this blog. It sometimes gets distracting, thinking of who just might be in my thoughts here.

So I picked up a blank book and a pen and I started to journal. In case you were wondering where all my words went over the past little while, they’re hiding in a real book. It feels good.

I’m going to try to keep up with this public display of myself – and voice my disdain for certain others that I know read this (because well, it’s always fun to feed the animals), but for the most part, I’ll probably be rather quiet around here.


For shits and giggles, I’d love to hear your opinion (either in a private email or as a comment on this blog entry) as to what you think of a ‘mom’, who is informed her dog’s gone missing while on a walk with his true owner. Her reaction is one that she leaves her two toddler children at home alone and runs out to meet up with him, in search of the dog through the bushes. It takes less than 2 minutes for a child to drown, and I can think of a billion other ways a toddler can hurt themselves even die while unattended in the span of 20, 15, 10 or even 5 minutes. Is it ever ok to leave toddlers alone at home, or is the concept of toddlers having an adult caretaker a little like a seat-belt – even on short trips?

If you were this mother, would you be surprised that people called social services on you in the past? If you were this mother, would you be delusional enough to think you held anything but sheer neglect for your children? Or, if you were this mother would you repeatedly tell yourself what a great mother you are, with hopes that other’s will believe you and one day, you might become just that?

There’s no ‘if’, is there? In most rational people, a missing dog (no matter how much a part of your family, your heart and home) would never equate to the potential harm of neglecting your children. It takes a special kind of person to be this mother: the kind of person it takes to consider a trip to Walmart, and dinner at McDonalds a great success. It takes the same kind of special person to make wild accusations of thievery not because there is any evidence, but because she stole the item in question in the first place and only expects of other’s what she has done herself. (If we stole back a dog that was his already, I guarantee you we'd treat him better than you treat your children - and though we know you'd sacrifice them for the dog, it's only by a small amount you'd be willing to go. The dog was just a hair above them, wasn't he? And M probably knows that too, which is WHY he ran away in the first place. Call my man all you want with wild accusations, write them out in your blog, we haven't bothered to listen to your voice-mails and the number will be changed shortly.)

And there are special people out there, special enough to actually believe that this blog entry here, a response to threat made towards us, is enough to get governments talking. Sweet Poetic Justice. Not only am I waiting on the American Army to come get me, I'm now also waiting on the Canadian government and the RCMP, it seems. They have my name, you know.

They say ignorance is bliss, why the hell aren’t you more blissful?

Anyway… This has been fun, but it’s time for this fat cheese-like cow to get on with her day as that loser-love-of-her-life is only working a half day today. If I get all my chores done, we’ll have time to play before I go to work!

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