Thursday, November 12, 2009
Spent a short time in my old blog tonight and remembered how much I loved to write. It’s been so long since I’ve actually taken a pen to paper and had something decent to say. Perhaps the passion is dying. Maybe my soul just isn’t as fiery as it once was. Or perhaps I’m just getting old.

I was a poet once. I was a woman of words. Now, I can hardly find the words to talk coherently.

Maybe I need a cause. Maybe I need a niche. Or maybe… just maybe, I’m just done?

5 words of wisdom:

adevents said...

you r a woman of words and i dont think u r done and i am sure u will get back to the words u just need to start writing again and it wil comes just like how we never forget to ride a bicycle.
ps i missed ur writing

marian said...

I stumbled about some of your write ups today on Jalopnik, someone had posted a link there.

When reading this, all I thought was "Why not share?". You obviously are skilled in areas where the non-communication of information means wear over time. Things you do not write down are things you will not remember completely after a while...

Just judging from a first impression, I'd say you're a great person and that you should not stop writing. There are times when you can live without feedback and there are times when you feel like listening to others instead of just trusting your own words, I think. This may be such a time and you should not stop sharing your stories just because there is no evident and screaming reason for doing so.

I'm sorry to hear about the personal loss you had and have to stomach... but I believe you're gonna carry that weight.

Be good

marian said...

Are you still around?

Tainted Female said...

I am Marian. I apologize to you both as I did not notice any of these comments until today.

Thank you both for the words of encouragement. I have been thinking a lot about writing lately. Perhaps I'll get to it soon. :)

Anonymous said...

wow well that comment of u is a sign u will get back soon i really missed ur writing and i always keep on cheacking ur blog hope to see a new post soon
have a good days


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