Saturday, June 28, 2008
Yesterday, I got to work on the first correspondence module I’d received. Long before noon, I had completed everything, taken three exams and graded and average of 98%. And the only reason it wasn’t 100% was because I got a phone call that interrupted me while I was taking one of the exams and I accidently ticked the wrong box without realizing, before moving on to the next question.

Now I wait for the next module. And I hate waiting. So in the meantime, I’ve been looking into the other course of interest; a real estate trading license for British Colombia. I came to realize last night that the two courses really have nothing to do with each other. Though every prospective entrepreneur should have knowledge of keeping books to insure financial accuracy and help with making business decisions, the course I’m taking goes a little beyond what’s needed. So what if I just continued studying accounting? Once I get this diploma for bookkeeping I can effectively open my own home based business – and if I ever decide to go back to the UAE, perhaps an accounting degree is something I can use there, whereas a real-estate license for BC; which includes learning all about the legal aspects of real estate, managing real estate and legal obligations when it comes to maintenance in Canada as well as many other things that UAE has no use for, will be of little help in Dubai.

I suppose that’s a good thing; that I’m considering the possibility of coming back to the city of broken hearts and shattered dreams. Every now and then I get a text message from a friend of mine, asking me, almost begging me to come back. I’m pretty sure it’s not so much that he wants me back, but rather is fed up of the people in UAE in general and he himself can’t leave due to his stateless status. The boy texts me every now and then as well, always saying the same thing, “I dreamt of you last night and just wanted to say hi.” I never reply. And once in a while I get a phone call from someone who just misses me – that’s always nice. But at the end of the day, the biggest motivation for me to come back is my son. And he seems to be doing just fine right now. I had a long conversation with his father recently, about whether or not my baby will be alright if I stay long enough to study these courses. And he seems to think it’s possibly the best thing for everyone. And with my mom the way she is right now, no one expects me to pick up and leave. I fear if I did, she’d die before I got off the plane in Dubai.

I’m glad I’ve had the chance to bore you with my ponderings. Nothing too entertaining here... So how about a song that’s currently playing on the radio as a type?

2 words of wisdom:

HLH said...

Great! wow Tainted you have changed so much, so positive Masha'Allah, just the fact that you are planning ahead for any possibility and keeping your choices open says alot about how you've healed.
I am so happy for you, as long as your son is in safe hands and you are able to contact him as you wish, then take your time grounding your are sure doing a good job.

A world of Symphony said...

Darlin', nothing you write is boring, at least not for me!

That is one way I know you're alive & kicking.

Atta' Girl, keep em' coming!

Ace em, in all that you do!


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