Wednesday, September 23, 2009
It’s amazing how much a person’s death can affect your life – even when you’re expecting that death to come. It’s amazing because death is the only certainty we have in life. We should be ready for it. We never, ever are.

It’s been 2 months now. And it feels almost like my life has been on hold this entire time – despite so much happening and so many changes taking place.

I’ve moved out of Squamish, where Squish Gems originated and was meant to serve. I moved back to the island, the help my father and brother with the after-mess of mom’s passing. Each day, feels like a little emotional roller coaster.

Mom’s death has been a burden on us all financially, but it’s also given us insight and opportunity to what we need to be doing as a family and as individuals. All of us are contemplating the types of business we need to be running. We’ve contemplated from a petting zoo; my dad has the perfect bit of land for it, to a second hand store; they were mom’s passion. We’ve solidified little. But then, we’re taking baby steps. We’re still in shock I guess. And we’re still mourning. We’re still battling for my mother’s rights.

Today, I made a section on my store in mom’s honour. I will donate 15% of all profits to a local charity in her name. I will sell the types of things she liked to buy. And I will remember her, and use her strength to help me m

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